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Simplify your digital currency investing and earning with the all-in-one intelligent platform.

Binance / UNIUSDT Perpetual / +403,83%
Binance / FLMUSDT Perpetual / +425,17%
Binance / DASHUSDT Perpetual / +100,33%
Binance / MASKUSDT Perpetual / +304,75%
Binance / HOTUSDT Perpetual / +722,22%
Binance / WAVEUSDT Perpetual / +351,37%
Binance / BTCUSDT RVNUSDT / +314,96%
Binance / BTCUSDT Perpetual / +223,59%
Binance / AUDIOUSDT Perpetual / +686,89%

Invest Plans

Market Maker Group LTD has put four plans for investors to start investing in any plan they are interested in. Information about each plan is written.

Payment Methods
Bitcoin Cash
Doge Coin

Minimum investment: $10 Fiat, $100 Crypto

Minimum withdrawal: $0.10 Fiat , $10 Crypto

Withdrawals: Instant

Withdrawal fees: 1% Fiyat , $1 Crypto

Deposit Bonus: 0.5% Account Balance

Referral commissions: 5%

Referral commission from account balace: YES

  1. Sign Up
    Just go to the registration page and fill in the requested information and that's it!
  2. Deposit
    After registration, you can invest in one or more plans. Enter the relevant section and choose your desired amount and your desired wallet and start investing.
  3. Withdraw
    After 24 hours of our investment, the profit will be deposited into your account, which you can withdraw.

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Your security always comes first. Market Maker Group LTD protocol and infrastructure respect the best in class security and data protection standards.

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