About Us

The goal of Market Maker Group LTD is to solve the complexity of crypto trading and make easy profits for investors. The team at Market Maker Group LTD is developing an innovative yet simple trading platform that provides its users with profitable tools for investors of all levels. On the one hand, users can choose their investment by searching and allocating part of their capital in various trading algorithms and trading plans and start earning.

Alternatively, traders, trading companies or freelancers can be seen from the Market Maker Group LTD community and share their knowledge with others by copying. In addition, Market Maker Group LTD gives everyone the opportunity to develop their own bots through a
user-friendly interface or develop more advanced strategies through an open source library. Market Maker Group LTD aims to lower the barriers to entry for all types of investors by offering very reasonable profits that come with real performance or effective use of the platform.
Company Number: 14452466
You can see all the information about the company here, where all the steps are done completely legally.
Aggregate exchanges
Connect to multiple exchanges. Manually manage your cryptos from one single terminal.
Trade based on predefined triggers
Automatically open and close positions based on triggers such as stop-loss, take profits, trailing and more advanced signals.
Earn a passive income
Manually trade and get copied by other traders to earn based on your realized performance.

Design & Accessibility

Another key differentiator between existing smart trading solutions and Market Maker Group LTD is in terms of design. While existing products are broadly suited to sophisticated users, they have a significant learning curve. This acts as a deterrent to novices, who can not be realistically expected to master a technically demanding interface complete with an advanced and overwhelming array of features. Although feature-rich, Market Maker Group LTD has been designed with user-friendliness paramount. Attention has been lavished on interface design with the goal of abstracting complexity. The focus is on placing the primary features front and center, ensuring that new users are not overwhelmed by options upon first accessing the Market Maker Group LTD terminal. Recognizing that a good user experience is about more than quality interface design, Market Maker Group LTD will combine an intuitive UI with professional customer support. This includes 24/7 support through different channels, guides to getting started, a detailed FAQ, and other resources to help users get the most out of Market Maker Group LTD smart trading terminal.

How Market Maker Group LTD Works

Market Maker Group LTD is an investor platform for digital currencies.
Market Maker Group LTD gives everyone the opportunity to access advanced investment trading tools through a user-friendly platform. Our company develops different types of robots without the need for coding and use smart trading tools to register and manage orders in different exchanges, simultaneously using different criteria, even social.
Our traders share their strategies on the market while rating their portfolios with the community and can open themselves up to being copied by others for performance fees, while users looking for profitable strategies can trade with Copy the top performance in the market.
Each trader will pay on traded volumes (as a traditional centralized exchange) or actual daily profits when copying other traders.