Market Maker Group LTD, is highly committed to the safety of its customers. This issue represents, if not the most important, then at least one of the high-priority points set as our cornerstone both during the development and testing of our online platform and after the launch of its work.

SSL certificate
prevents fraudsters from intercepting or spoofing users' personal data, such as contact information, bank card numbers, logins, passwords, email addresses, etc.

Dedicated server
Such hosting type represents a separately standing physical machine, accessible only by the service administration, which greatly reduces the risk of personal data leakage.

Checking personal settings
in n your personal account allows configuring browser and IP address settings, making it more difficult for intruders to access from other networks and devices.

How Market Maker Group LTD Works

Market Maker Group LTD is an investor platform for digital currencies. Market Maker Group LTD gives everyone the opportunity to access advanced investment trading tools through a user-friendly platform. Our company develops different types of robots without the need for coding and use smart trading tools to register and manage orders in different exchanges, simultaneously using different criteria, even social.
Our traders share their strategies on the market while rating their portfolios with the community and can open themselves up to being copied by others for performance fees, while users looking for profitable strategies can trade with Copy the top performance in the market.
Each trader will pay on traded volumes (as a traditional centralized exchange) or actual daily profits when copying other traders.